Buche bis zum 23. Dezember und sichere Dir Dein kostenloses Dessert!

Catering for your birthday

The birthday, a special day for everyone, young or old. Every year we celebrate this day and want to create unforgettable moments, whether for friends, family or acquaintances. Everyone loves receiving gifts and having a good time with their closest circle.
Do you want to surprise someone? Or are you planning your own birthday? Then you have come to the right place at Rolling Food. We offer you a high quality and exceptional catering service with our food truck. Our menu is guaranteed to inspire you. From drinks, starters, main courses to desserts, everything is included. You can create a personalized menu for you!

But if you want to be surprised by our selection of food, then you can simply leave this task to us. Our main course, the stuffed baked potato, really meets every taste. Whether meat lovers, vegetarians or vegans, we really have something for everyone. For the vegetarians, for example, we have the Thai oven potato. Vegetables, onions, white beans and, to top it off, coconut cream leave no one cold and hungry.

Since the birthday is a particularly demanding day, since everything should go smoothly and you want the celebration to be remembered for a long time, you also want to choose your very special location for this event. We are there! No matter where, whether in nature, in the village or wherever your desired location for the event is, we will accompany you everywhere.

Due to the fact that our food truck does not need a lot of space and only needs a piece of smooth floor, we are one of the most mobile catering services for your birthday! We also care about the environment and are always looking for new ways to cause it as little damage as possible. That is why our packaging materials are all biodegradable.

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