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Christmas party catering

Christmas with family, friends or in the office? Make your Christmas party something special with Rolling Food Christmas Party Catering. We take the burden of planning off your shoulders so that you can fully enjoy our catering service. In addition, we bring that certain something with us so that your friends, employees or family members rave about the celebration in the following year!

Our menu not only adapts to the occasion, but also to the tastes of your guests. Hearty dreams come true with the most diverse fillings of our classic, the “Baked Potato”. Our main course is accompanied by a starter, dessert and excellent drinks. If you want to take a closer look at our menu in order to discover the essence of our passionate chefs, you will also find photos in the sub-item “Menu” on the menu bar. On request, we can of course bring several fillings for you and your guests.

Make your Christmas party a highlight of the end of the year with our exclusive catering service, which is specially designed for Christmas parties. If you are ready for unforgettable culinary moments, fill out the form now so that you can receive your offer today

As soon as the details have been clarified, we will roll through the whole of Switzerland for you. Let us be part of your experience – the Rolling Food Catering Service for Christmas parties brings relaxation and specialties!

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